My island girl,

We are moving soon – from our little home in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to the big wide world of the United States. Out of all us, I feel this change for you the most. You see, unlike your brother who arrived here at the advanced age of one, you were born in Mauritius. For your mommy, daddy and brother, this has been a lovely way to spend five years, one small mark on an always moving journey. But for you, this island nation off the coast of Africa will loom large in your life. It is your birthright. Whenever you fill out a form or answer the question,  “Where were you born?” Your answer will be Mauritius. From school records to polite conversation – you will come back to this place again and again. It will forever be part of you.

And I’m so glad. You see, I’m an island girl too. Hawaii will always be my home and one of the biggest parts of me. The memory of salty ocean spray, the green vastness of sugar cane fields, deep mysterious rainforests, crashing waterfalls, and the highest mountain peaked with snow – it is in my heart forever, as Mauritius will be in yours, I hope. 

You are never as happy as you are around water. When we ask you if you are excited to move, you give a serious scowl and say, “No, I’ll miss my beach.” My heart hurts thinking of you without your sunset swims or twilight at the rocks. Without mid-day dips, dolphin watches, or seeing the fishermen walk past our house with their catches of the day. 

I am excited for this next phase of our life. But happy you knew, even for a short time, the magic beauty of islands far away, where blue sea blends with blue sky, broken only by a white sail gliding past. And where children play on the beach long past sunset, discovering all the ocean has to offer them after dark. If you are like me, this knowledge will stay in your heart, a little beacon of bright – through it all.

On the 10th day of every month, I will write a letter to my daughter and attempt to capture her essence in photos and words. A few other special ladies will do so as well, and we will link our blogs in a circle of  love and letters. After mine, please visit the blog of the lovely photographer, Heather Meyer, to read her touching and beautiful post.


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March 11, 2013
Awww Sarah. Wow, I didn't know your daughter was born on the island. How neat, and your sentiments to her are perfect. Tell her I would be scowling about leaving the beach too.
March 20, 2013
Can I say I'm jealous of her? She got to be born in what seems to be like a magical place, she has a momma who cares for her so deeply, who writes so lovingly about her and such places I can only imagine going, and then presents her beauty to the world in such a stunning fashion. Cause I am jealous. Lucky girl. I hope the move itself is uneventful, and that you enjoy your destination.