Dearest Sofia,

Spring is finally here. I so needed these bright colors and full blooms after a winter of scraggly trees and morning frost – and I suspect you did too. It’s my favorite season. There is beauty, wisdom in contrast, going from barren to bloom. Green seems more brilliant when the world has been brown. Those tentative first flowers are so poignant, so fragile, so precious.

No rose, weed or daisy is safe from you. You inspect each one, picking them from neighbors’ yards, from cracks in the ground, from giant planters in shopping plazas (as I pretend not to see you steal a bud). You call these various plants you’ve foraged your nature collection, and then bring them home to glue to pieces of computer paper, with paint, glitter, glue, feathers, and anything else your magpie eyes can find.

The rains have come also, for the first time since we moved. You beam when it floods, because it means you can splash in puddles and carry an umbrella, all exciting stuff. We huddle indoors as water cascades outside, watching endless episodes of Dinosaur Train and drinking hot chocolate and tea.

This is your first Spring. You were born to a place of endless summer. No longer, my girl. Perhaps in our wanderings we will have that life again, where everything is good and brilliant, with every day the same easy stagnant beauty. But for now, we live in contrasts, mild as they are. Cold and warmth, barren and bloom, where brilliant color can burst forth, surprising us through cracks and mulch – just needing a bit of warm sunshine and sweet drops of rain. 

I love how you embrace it all.

Love and kisses with flowers on top,



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April 9, 2014
Oh, how neat it must be to experience the seasons through your girls eyes <3 Such a beautiful image, Sarah!
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