There is one life lesson to which I keep circling back. Something I frequently forget, yet come to again and again.

Our rituals matter – those little bits of joy interspersed between our must dos and service to job and family.

As a mom trying to carve out a craft and career between moments, time is my most precious commodity and often it’s me that gets folded into the margins of my life. That’s what makes those tiny daily rituals so integral to our joy. In small ways throughout the day, I get to reinforce the things that make me, me – my likes and dislikes, preferences and peculiarities. I matter in the grand scheme of my life.

I tend to drop those bits of me when I feel the world spiraling and that tread mill I’m on amps up its power.

But that is when I most need the fifteen minutes before sleep with a good book or to take the dog for a meandering walk with my camera. That’s why I buy the yellow tulips with the milk and cereal, why I pop into the cafe between errands. Why I put the kettle on and fill my grandma’s chipped porcelain tea cup, breathing warm tendrils of jasmine and mint. Why I pile the kids in the car for a drive through the country and poke through an antique shop. Listening to Nina Simone as I cook and navigate homework. Spreading out the flower table cloth even if it’s just chicken once again. Opening a bottle of bubbly as I open my laptop for a night of work. And every little once in a while the most important: dreaming instead of incessant doing.

Life is a hectic ride. It’s often all I can handle to just hang on. But still I can light the candle. Start the fire. Flip the page. Wear the sparkly scarf. Rituals matter. They remind us that we matter.

So here’s one of my favorite rituals – A monthly Lensbaby blog circle with my favorite photographers, stealing a moment from my day to share my thoughts and an image taken with my Edge 80.

When you are done here, visit the fabulously talented Celeste Pavlik at Everyday Photo Bliss.

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November 21, 2013
Oh my gosh, Sarah, it's not often I read a blog post that really makes me stop in my tracks, but today, yours did. It made my heart happy. My life has been one big spiral for the last month, with no end in sight, and your post and image are like a breath of fresh air. Absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to slow down and stop in at that cafe with you, or share your bubbly!