What is lifestyle photography? This is the modern style of portraiture that emphasizes natural posing and strives to capture the heart of you and your own unique stories, whether your session is at home or on location.

Authentic. Natural. Relaxed:

This is what I strive to achieve in your session. Especially with young families, a photography session is equal parts child wrangling and photography – but the goal is one of a fun-filled hour and a half doing activities that bring out laughter and emotion. I want to capture you, and your family, as you really are – not with stiff smiles, but with joy-filled ones. We will engage in playful poses and activities that will hopefully have you all smiling in a relaxed way.

What to wear?

Wear something that is comfortable. Something you love, or at least really like. And something that feels like you. If you are a shirt-and-jeans type of girl, you might not want to put on a dress and heels for the first time in months at your photo session. But if you love getting fancy, go for it. It all depends on you and your loved ones. I get a lot of questions about how to dress families. The answer: try to coordinate with each other without getting too matchy-matchy. You don’t have to avoid patterns – they can be fun in moderation – but try not to have clashing patterns or an overly busy palate. We want the emphasis to be on you, not your clothes.

Where will the session take place?

This depends on you. Many clients like to have the ease and comfort of being in their own home for a lifestyle session. They want their photography memories to reflect their family time spent in a space and place they love. For sessions like these, I recommend that we schedule a time when you have the most light in your home and that we also do some shooting outside in the garden or grounds, in addition to inside.

Or, you may prefer to take to the parks or streets for a session. I have a few parks that I can recommend or you may have a spot that is meaningful to your family you would like to suggest. For outdoor sessions, we will schedule it to take into account the best light, the weather, and the heat. Early mornings often work best in the seasons when afternoon rains are common.

What will I get?

A session will last anywhere from one to two hours, and you will receive approximately 30-50 or more high resolution digital images. You will have complete control over what and when you want to print, whether you want to create albums or wall art.